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Oh what fresh hell.

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20 something.
Mama to Maddox, light of my life.

♥ baby, crochet, movies, working, music, walking, tattoos, reading, coffee, Starbucks, Glee, comfort food, baby toes, Etsy, people with soul, writing, intelligent conversations, people who can live and let live.

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happy birthday to me. happy birthday to me.

wooo. the big 21.

nap time.


You can’t really live without a big sister.

Ok, I have time. Here’s a life update. Keep scrolling if you’re uninterested.

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I hate almost all of my high school “friends”. thanks for sticking by me, assholes.


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I don’t care if it’s uncool on Tumblr to be sad on 9/11. I live in the town Flight 93 went down in and I find it very touching how many family members I have met and how close knit this place has been the last few days.

I haven’t been on here in a while.


A long while actually. I don’t know why.

I am thinking about deleting this… I think I had hoped I would make friends with people and become really close to other moms but it just ends up as me reading all through my dashboard, updating on my own life, and then logging out. I don’t even know why I update because I don’t think many people even read what I write on my blog. Maybe I’ll just keep it for my own sanity.

 I second that motion.

I really thought that I had a few good friends back home, but as it turns out I have a few friends who are close when they want to be but most of the time just go about their lives absorbed in their own shit that most of the time they cause themselves.

For the most part, I’m keeping this thing as a journal to look back on when Maddox is older. Maybe it’ll shape up into something else, but I doubt it.

I’m pretty sure I’m destined to spend my life without good friends. But I have my kid, so I guess thats cool.

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Anonymous Asked: What is one part of your body you hate the most?


Uh, probably my breasts or something like that. They’re entirely too big. Thanks for that downer, though. ;D

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